Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Bedtime: Don't let them see your fear

Bedtime. Ahhh, that lovely, dreamfilled space when slumber takes over and the dream angels catch you with their fluffy wings of snooze glitter....


The daily battle to go to bed with procrastinating twins, one who wakes up every night and won't sleep, and the broken tiredness that results from sleep deprivation resulting in meltdown for me, them, anyone in the close vicinity, and requiring Starbucks sponsorship to function.

Eeyore knows the score. Don't let them know you are SCARED of them not going to bed. They can smell fear and will have you over a barrel.

Tell them the routine - spell it out - teeth cleaning, jim jams on, cuddle mummy on sofa, read a book, massage with lavender oil, tuck in, kiss and sleep tight. ANY deviation from the routine shows weakness and they damned well know it.

Hesitate to take them upstairs and they know they have you. Change your mind for a nanosecond and they are in. It requires the game face, the battle armour, the steely determination and the will to not lose it before Eastenders time.

The Mini Divas. Creators of the bedtime battle.

Yours from a computer, in PJ's, in daytime, chronically fatigued.

Dex Diva

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